Vinayak 500 TMT BarSteel plays an essential role in the infrastructure of modern life. Buildings, from house to skyscrapers, depend on steel’s strength and longevity. For us, a construction is much more than bricks and cement; it is a reflection of our dreams, hopes & undying efforts! Just like the foundation of any relation is ‘Trust’, similarly, The foundation of any construction is “Strength”. For any construction, “Strength” is the supreme factor in ensuring its safety & reliability. But despite relentless efforts of saving it from all the troubles, there are some factors like earthquake or corrosion that can leave your construction in troubled state. That is why we sell steel that goes beyond ISI standards.



To be the preferred choice in MS, CTD, TMT & THERMAX Bars for everyone in Vadodara, and beyond.



To become a most trusted & convenient provider of Steel products by engaging with local builders, engineers, and contractors, selling safe and sustainable steel, pursuing operational excellence in our business processes, caring for our environment and the communities in which we operate, and living the brand values of trust, quality and strength.